The Annual LawFest Debate – Artificial Intelligence: Is legal perfection achievable?

May 17, 2017
15:45  -  16:30

This year LawFest addresses the elephant in the room, that water-cooler topic being discussed in law offices and server rooms the world over: artificial intelligence.

In a perfect world would lawyers exist? Let’s say a computer was built that not only passed the Turing Test but then sued the pants of Turing’s estate and went on to be appointed as a Supreme Court Justice, retiring as a Member of the Order of New Zealand at the age of 985 after a spotless career on the bench. Would such a wonder mean the end of lawyers?

We’re not promising Judge Dredd, or even Judge Judy, but the Great Annual LawFest Debate will deliver more entertainment than a copy of Law Talk and more challenging ideas than an annual partner’s retreat.

Join team QC2, Graham Kohler QC and Clive Elliott QC, as they negate the moot That Legal Perfection will be Achieved when Lawyers are Replaced by Computers. They’re up against pro-AI aficionados Denise Evans (FairWay Resolution) and Jarrod Coburn (Ebborn Law).

The debate will be professionally and fairly adjudicated by the learned Dr James Every-Palmer.